RTM-Worx flow simulation software and
Controlled Vacuum Infusion technology

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The main activities of Polyworx are:

  • Development, licensing and support of software tools for the plastics processing industry.
  • Transfer of knowledge and technology about optimisation of injection processes in general and specifically the Controlled Vacuum Infusion process.

Our most important software product is RTM-Worx, for the simulation of the Resin Transfer Moulding and Controlled Vacuum Infusion processes. The implementation of the Controlled Vacuum Infusion process currently is our most important service. Click the links (image or text) below for more information.

RTM: Composite bus seat by Kok & van Engelen RTM: O-I spar by Fokker Special Products RTM: Rib element by Israel Aircraft Industries RTM: T-detail by Fokker Special Products RTM: Hovercraft rotorblade by Umoe Mandal RTM  >>

CVI: Satellite 44 by Bolt Maritiem CVI: Contest 55 by Conyplex, CLS TUD-TNO CVI: Contest 55 by Conyplex, CLS TUD-TNO CVI: Standfast 64' (carbon/epoxy) CVI: Gun Shield by Umoe Mandal CVI  >>

VBB: 3D model of the hull (Rhino) VBB: Assembling the mould at Technol VBB: Finished and coated mould VBB: Applying the bag over dry reinforcement VBB: Infusion finished (hull, outer skin) VBB  >>

[top] RTM-Worx Software

We have implemented a very fast, reliable, robust and accurate combined Finite Element / Control Volume calculation core in combination with a goal-centered user interface. Geometry editor, pre- and postprocessor and the solver are completely integrated. The result is a simulation tool with a performance to cost ratio that is not matched by any other software for Liquid Injection Moulding - e.g. Resin Infusion, Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM), VIP and (Controlled ) Vacuum Infusion - on the market. The cost of using the software is very low because only minimal training is needed to master the software and very little support is needed.

[top] Consultancy, Controlled Vacuum Infusion

Because we provide software tools for new technologies, it is very important that we have knowledge of the process itself: it is the most important component of our support. From there, it is a very small step to actually implement the technology for our customers. This is exactly what recently happened with the Controlled Vacuum Infusion technology. Right now, we are doing several projects, which range from extended support in combination with a (temporary) license to the implementation of the technology which includes transfer of the necessary knowledge, testing of materials, assistance with acquisition of equipment and materials, developing the infusion strategy and coordination of the first infusion(s). We work on project basis in close cooperation with the customer. If the customer takes a license for RTM-Worx (optional), training is part of the project with the emphasis on translation of simulation results to practice and the methodology that will allow the customer to go through a learning curve in a few months equivalent to the practice that would normally (without the software) take years to acquire.

[top] Mission Statement

Our primary goal is to make leading-edge technology, in particular the flow simulation software and closed moulding technologies, more accessible. Process simulation software should be used close to production to gain most of the benefits. Our services complement the software. We cooperate with Research Institutes and Universities and several companies in international projects to guarantee continuity and to further develop the software and the processing technology.

[top] More information

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