Resin Infusion Technology
Developed for the Dutch Carbon 36'

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Dutch Carbon Yachts, builders of exclusive racer-cruisers required state of the art technology to build their yachts. The Dutch Carbon 36 has been designed as a racer and therefore must be very light. However, it also has to be very durable and Dutch Carbon requires that it can be produced economically in series, with low tolerances and guaranteed and repeatable high quality. To meet those requirements, we developed CVI technology to infuse the all carbon reinforced parts with epoxy resin. Most of the structural parts are sandwich constructions which combine high stiffness with very low weight and to meet the cost requirements, all those carbon reinforced sandwich parts are infused in a single shot. Our CVI technology makes it possible to meet the economical and technical process requirements without compromises to strength and weight of the construction. Actually, with CVI it is possible to produce a laminate that is very close the theoretical strength, based on the properties of the individual materials. This means that hull and deck are actually overdimensioned.

Preparation of test samples Start of trial infusions Trial infusions almost finished Trial samples
Carbon/epoxy sandwich trial infusions ...

Dry materials and flow net in place Infusion of the hull Animation of hull infusion Hull infusion
Infusion technology for the hull designed with RTM-Worx ...

Animation of deck infusion   Deck infusion
For the deck, CVI technology was used as well. Photographs will follow soon (you can already view the animation)

Those pages illustrate the building process of the Dutch Carbon 36'. Right now, we have a page that documents one of the tests we have done to optimise the process, acquire input data for the process simulation software and verify the quality of the infused sandwich. From the infusion of the hull, there is a series of photographs and an animation of the infusion process, generated by the RTM-Worx flow analysis software. Photographs from the infusion of the deck will follow soon, we already included the infusion animation.


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Dutch Carbon
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